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Unlock the power of nature

Mushrooms have spanned the earth for millions of years. Under each step you take, there are over 200 miles of mushroom mycelium. As the natural rejuvenator of our eco systems, we have much to gain from them.

Here at Moon Mushrooms we want to give you easy access to explore the many health, flavor, and fun benefits you can get from mushrooms.

  • Accesibility

    Here at Moonshrooms we are dedicated providing an easily accessible way for anyone to grow their own mushrooms

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  • Passion

    With our passion for mushrooms, we can guarantee satisfaction in our products. If you have any issues, questions, or concerns just shoot us an email and we will help you out

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  • Knowledge

    We want to give back our knowledge on mycology. Check out our discover page to find out more about growing your own mushrooms or to fuel your curiosity with information we learned along the way