Grain Spawn


Ryan is the co-founder of Moonshrooms. Having grown up next to thousands of acres of accessible land, he's been an avid forester of wild mushrooms and exploring the outdoors since a young age. After hiking the Appalachian Trail, his fascination in mycology grew, which began his studies. Ryan loves seeking new experiences, cooking, and good company. He is our lead on research & development, and sales. You will find him in the mycology lab applying his knowledge when he's not out endorsing the company.


Mark is the co-founder of Moonshrooms. He is an entrepreneur and outdoorsman at heart with a strong passion for mushrooms and mycology. Marks passion for mycology started at a young age. He would always be out camping and exploring the woods just as he does now. Mark is an avid reader, talented musician, and the first one to spark up an interesting conversation. Mark is our lead on design, development, and operations. You will find Mark in the mycology lab or finding ways to grow the business.

Dr. Myers, DO

Dr. Myers is the co-founder of Moonshrooms. As a practicing osteopathic doctor, he is helping people live their healthiest and best lives each day. He helped found Moon Mushroom because he saw the many health benefits mushrooms can provide. Dr. Myers is also an avid pilot and has a strong love for animals. You will usually see him in the mycology lab, in the skies, or in his office helping people.