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Yellow Oyster Grow Kit

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Yellow oysters are the perfect mushroom to be paired with almost any meal. They provide a nutty and delicate flavor to dishes and are highly sought after by chefs. Grow them at home and have them ready for any meal!

When you receive the kit, make cut an X in the bag where indicated. With the mister bottle, spray the new opening 2-3 times. Mushrooms thrive off of humidity, so make sure to mist it 2-3 times once per day.

Common Questions

Is that mold in my bag?

Absolutely not! That's mushroom mycelium. Although it may look like mold, it's the network of living thread from which the fruiting body (mushrooms) grow. So when you see the white web-like strands in your bag, then you are ready to grow some mushrooms!

When/how do I harvest?

Once you see the fruiting body (mushroom) begin to grow, you will harvest between 4 and 7 days. You will see the small tendrils that form on lion's mane and when it's ready it will stop it's quick growth. If you wait too long, you will start to see slight discoloration on the mushroom, but rest assured that it is still fine to consume! Just take a knife, or pair of scissors and cut along the base of the mushroom to harvest it.

When is my grow kit finished?

Your grow kit will provide 2-3 flushes (or rounds) if taken care of properly. Just make sure to use the mister bottle twice per day to keep them from drying out.